I have been asked this week to come in to Milton Keynes College to shoot headshot’s of the students in their theatrical make-up classes. The students are at the end of the year and need images for portfolios and assessments.

Its not the usual type of headshot I shoot but what MK College liked about my style, is the clean crisp look I shoot. This is why they approached DW Images Photography to photograph the students. Its been a great two days and I have had fantastic fee back from the staff and students, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

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Headshot photography studio Milton Keynes and London, Actors-Corporate-Social MediaHeadshot photography studio Milton Keynes and London, Actors-Corporate-Social Media

Photography Is Undervalued

photography-logo4-singleTo the people out there that always want something for nothing, you wouldn’t expect not to pay the going rate for a plumber to fix your burst pipe. So why do you always expect your photography for free.

Owning an expensive set of spanners doesn’t make you a great plumber. That’s the  same as owning the most expensive camera doesn’t make you a great photographer. They are only tools to do the job.. When you book a photographer you’re not paying for his camera, you’re paying him for his skill, knowledge and my qualifications to supply  you with the best phtographic work I can.

Yes maybe you will choose your photographer on price, the same as you would choose your plumber. But CHEAPEST is not always the best and good value for money, especially when you have hire a second person to fix it second time round.

Let’s look at this another way, I you’re are getting married you would expect to pay an average of £1500 to your wedding photographer to be there for eight hours. You wouldn’t normally think twice about that. So just because I maybe at your office photographing your staff portraits, or at my studio shooting pack shots of your product to go on your website. Why is that any less deserving of being rewarded at a decent rate. Like that wedding photographer and that plumber who fixed your leak, I have years of experience and training to do what I do and I deserved to be paid the going rate. Photographers have to earn a living, feed their family’s and pay school fees etc.

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A little Homage

I posted a couple of days ago an article called Its All About The Attitude and in the post I wrote about a photographer called Victoria Will. She spent some time this year at the Sundance Film Festival and she photographed celebrities. The style she used to photograph her subjects was to use a large format camera using a style of photography called Tintype or more commonly known as wet plate.

As portrait photographer this really interests me, I do like to play with film and have a selection of vintage film cameras I still use. But one thing I have never done is wet plate photography and believe me it is on my bucket list.

I thought I would just throw in a little homage to Victoria but not having access to any wet plate materials I had to look for an alternative. So I turned to my iPhone and a fantastic little App called Hipstamatic which one of many different photography Apps on the market today that emulates classic film looks. Personally I think it is the best and it does a great job. I have also discovered since visiting the website they have an App just dedicated to Tintype styling.

So I found a view willing subjects and took some shots, I know the purists out there will say this is nothing like the the real thing, but before you jump of that high horse your sitting on. This is just a homage an experiment. Personally for me there are not enough blacks, the images aren’t contrasty enough for me but Hipstamatic does an ok job, I would recommend this App every time. Its very versatile and doesn’t just shoot Tinytype, the classic App has many different lenses , film and flash types to keep you more occupied creating great images. Victoria Will’s set up was a little different to mine, she used strobes to light her subjects I only had window light. But for an overall effect I don’t think it was a bad job, I will re-visit this with different kinds of lighting and also try out Hipstamatics App that is a dedicated Tintype camera.

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The Art Of Photography – Should I work For Free

About Ted Forbes

Ted Forbes is a photographer, media producer and film maker. He currently works as Media Producer at the Dallas Museum of Art. In addition he is also an adjunct faculty member at Brookhaven College.

Born in Dallas, TX, Ted began making photographs at an early age taking cues from his father, illustrator Bart Forbes, as well as other major influences who he came knew at an early age such as Greg Booth, Jack Unruh, Brad Holland, CF Payne and many others.

Having actually gone into music in high school, Ted attended the prestigious Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts followed by earning his music degree from the University of North Texas in 1997. Shortly after he took a media position at iSong in the height of the 90’s tech boom. This led to pursuits in multimedia and web based coding languages. Having gone back to briefly to “fill in some holes”, Forbes began freelancing as a media designer. Around this time, he also began to get serious again about his early passion of photography.

Ted started the Art of Photography in October of 2008 as an experiment that’s grown into one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.

The Art Of Photography

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It’s All About Attitude

A headshot is all about attitude; a great headshot gives you confidence and approachability. It’s my job as a photographer to get this out of you, as a client you don’t need to be bothered with all the technical side of the shoot, because that’s my job. When a client walks in front of my camera I need to be ready to build a report with them and build a confident client photographer relationship. Peter Hurley, one of the finest headshot photographers in the world always says he is 10% photographer 90% therapist.

Headshot Crew David Wellbelove, Protege Headshot Photographer in Milton KeynesAs a prodige photographer of Peter Hurley, and a member of his Headshot Crew, it’s important to me that I approach my photography in the same way. I’m not just a headshot photographer I’m a portrait photographer. Yes I photograph corporate and social media headshots for my clients, but there is so much more to it than that. I love the one to one interaction between the client and myself. Getting to know the person as I photograph them breaks down barriers. This shapes the confidence of the person in front of the camera and helps to produce the best out of them. A big part of the way I shoot is conversation trying to build a common thread. In my posts I talk a lot about the importance of a great headshot and what it can do for your online presence. That’s what I do, I’m a full time photographer and I’m passionate about what I do and what I can do for my clients. I’m always looking to up their game online and with social media.

But as I said when you break it down I am a portrait photographer and your headshot is a portrait of you. The idea of a portrait is not just to record a visual image of you as a person; it’s not your passport photo. That’s a whole different subject. When you look at a persons portrait you want that image to make you think, it needs to project feelings and emotion back to the viewer.

My photography has a clean, crisp and modern look, that’s my thing! But many other photographers have their own unique style. I want to introduce you to a photographer called Victoria Will. Victoria is a commercial and portrait photographer from New York, but she has a very unique style, this year at the Sundance Film Festival she photographed celebrities. The style she used to photograph her subjects was to use a large format camera using a style of photography called Tintype. This is a very old style of photography where images are produced on single film plate. Normally know as wet plate, In the wet process, a Collodion emulsion containing suspended silver halide crystals had to be formed on the plate just before it was exposed in the camera while still wet. Chemical treatment then reduced the crystals to microscopic particles of metallic silver in proportion to the intensity and duration of their exposure to light, resulting in a visible image. She is effectively photographing headshot’s, not in the commercial sense. But she is trying to capture the essence of the person sitting in front of her camera.

This link will take you to Victoria explaining how she approached the project, Victoria Will 2015 Sundance Film Festival


Portraiture has been used for hundreds of years as a means of showing the importance and capturing the raw emotion of a person. A Portrait was always a status symbol of the wealthy, but today we use what was then essentially a corporate headshot very differently. Of course today we don’t use paint we use photography, and instead of boasting our wealth a Headshot is to promote our personal brand and our company’s brand.

I want to reiterate, portrait photography is all about capturing the person and all the emotion that surrounds them. This inspires me to do what I do, and headshot photography is portrait photography. As I said previously to do this I need to create an emotional link to my subjects, whether it’s the CEO of a large company needing corporate headshots or just someone who wants a new headshot to go on there CV. Every client I photograph is very different and to get the best images the time we spend together is a journey of discovery.

I want my work to connect the viewer to the people I photograph and ask questions about them, create an interest. With my style of headshot I can create a cool looking portrait that will make people stop, take note visit your website. This will open up the opportunity to connect with others who may employ your services. I want to help create new relationships for my clients and introduce them to new customers and new employers. I said earlier a headshot is not your passport photo, its not just to let people know what you look like. Your headshot is your portrait and it needs to connect with people on a different level.

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Make Your Online Profile Work

D.W Images Photography Changing the face of personal branding one headshot at a time

Hi, I hope you all had a good Easter and you are all feeling refreshed after your time away from the office. I would like to give you some updates on DW Images Photography. I have been very busy over the holiday with clients wanting to update their Headshot images for Social Media platforms. The images below are just four of the fantastic clients I had the privilege to photograph over Easter.

As you know I’m a massive advocate for corporate and self-branding across social media and the Internet, and I can’t stress how important it is to have a professional look online. We are all looking to increase the number of clicks to our websites, but people connect better to a face and a bad profile image will loose business. These days every website should have an About Me or Meet the Team page, potential clients want to know who they are dealing with. Great headshot’s of your staff makes your company more friendly and approachable.

Read this article Calling All Business Professionals, this highlights some eye opening facts on the power of Linkedin alone. DW Images Photography is here helping you achieve the first step of professional personal branding for you and your company. A professional looking online profile is a powerful tool. Making you and your company’s social media work better for you, as more and more business is done via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter these days.

Peter Leslie

“Brilliant shoot with a great Photographer. Thanks for inviting me along Dave had a great session, felt comfortable, relaxed, and had bags of fun. Most importantly, you captured some terrific shots. Thanks again..”

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