Ask Yourself This

Ask yourself this.. When you look through LinkedIn for new professional connections. What the first thing you look at?

The answer in many cases if not all, will be the profile image. The image you see will make you in that split second click next or take the opportunity to look at the persons profile.

“By looking at a face for less than a second, we can judge someone’s age, gender, race, emotional state, and even their trustworthiness,” You may be under the impression that it takes weeks of getting to know someone before you can trust them, but your brain has already done the job of decoding their personality within the first second of meeting them face-to-face.

Now ask yourself this.. Does my profile image make me stand out from the crowd?

If the answer is NO, “why haven’t you done something about it” Your looking through all of your social media platforms, judging people by their profile image, and thats what they are doing to you..

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Paris We Pray For You

  With all the horrible events of last night in Paris, I wanted to add my opinion and I feel the opinion of many others.

Nobody has said this yet, as nobody has admitted responsibility for the Paris attacks. But we all know in our hearts who is responsible. With all of the migrant movements over the summer, everyone questioned why a majority of migrants were single young men. Then It was reported that ISIS said they were moving their soldiers into front line positions in Europe, using the movement of migrants. So now the horse has bolted the authority’s are left to close the gate! My heart goes out to the people of France and my thoughts prayers are with them, but this attack was inevitable.

The Lesson Of The Week Corporate Drama

This week I have been working with a great client, Mark Huggins he is the owner and MD of Corporate Drama. Corporate Drama was launched in 1999 and quickly established itself as the leading provider of professional business role-players in both the public and private sector. Corporate Drama help business people learn the behaviours and relationship skills to create the very best companies in which to work!

Mark approached my company DW Images Photography back at the start of the summer because he needed new headshot’s. Very happy with the service he got, Mark again contacted me a few weeks ago with a request to do some video work. As an update to his companies website, Mark required two introduction videos. This is a new string to my bow and service that I looking to add to portfolio, I explained this to Mark, he agreed to work with me and we discussed what he needed and how I would meet his expectations. I set too and did a couple of weeks of testing in my studio.

This week Mark came with his lines firmly in his head and we worked together on producing these two short videos.  As I said this is something I want to expand on and this weeks learning curve has been very fulfilling.

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Arrive in good time so that neither you nor the photographer are rushed or stressed. Try to look as natural as possible, don’t overdo the makeup, more can be added if required and remember any small skin blemishes can be touched out by the photographer if necessary.

If you have prepared well you should be able to relax and enjoy the session.

Share with the photographer what you hope to achieve. If you have had headshots before discuss with the photographer how they have or haven’t helped with your career.

Go with the suggestions made by your photographer, who will probably take 2-300 shots and it is their experience that will help create the right variety for you to choose from.

The more relaxed you are the more likely it is that the photographer will capture the essence of you. Remember the photographer wants great results as much as you do!

All the photographers on Headshot Hunter have outlined how they approach headshot sessions and what is included in the price, so you can take that into account when selecting your photographer.

If you have prepared well you should be able to relax and enjoy the  session.

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Product Photography Lighting A Gin Bottle

Back in the studio today shooting this bottle of Tanqueray Gin, which just happens to be my favourite.

I thought I would show you some of the behind the scenes shots to give you a visual explanation of how I put this and many other shots together. As with all of my product shots I will build up the set bit by bit, shooting test shots as I go.

This is the first shot out of camera, the aim is to get the first light set up. In this case the light on the background. I use the black foam board either side to create definition and the black edge to the bottle.

I didn’t want a plain white background on this shot, I wanted something a little more dynamic, so to create the green I just added green tissue paper over the strobe on the background. (Don’t do this on continuous lights as you could start a fire, and also turn off the modelling lamp on the strobe) As you can see the image is a lot darker so I will have to make the correct adjustments to compensate. Such as turn the power of the lights up or adjust the cameras F-stop.

In this shot I have made some adjustments and starting to get what I am aiming for in the final shot. I made my adjustments, but it’s not there yet. I have two lights set up now, the back light and a strip box above the bottle pointing down. This will help me light the label, but its all still to dark.

As I said, in the shot above it was still to dark. I wanted the glass and label to be brighter and stand out. To do this I added a third light fitted with a snoot to narrow the beam and make it more controllable. I used this to add light to the glass, but to make the label brighter I adjusted the position of the strip box above the bottle. As you can see in this shot the glass is well lit but spill from the light has left a harsh light on the label.

To counteract the harsh light spill, I used a small scrim to soften the light. You can see this was very effective. I also added a large scrim to the strip box to soften the light from above. I now had all my lights in place, time to build up the set further to complete the final shot. If you look at the bottom of the bottle it has London Dry Gin as part of the label. It gets lost in the image as the light bouncing back through the bottle. To fix this I add a small piece of silver card behind the bottle at an angle. This stops the light on the background being to bright and bleaching out the wording. You can see below this set up and the whole lighting set.

I added extra ice cubes to balance up the shot and used pieces of silver paper to help reflect the light where I wanted it. Its all about building up the little details, getting it done in camera to save time in post.

Just to finish off the shot I added liquid and lemon to the glass. This was to simulate a G&T but intact it was just chilled tonic water. I also added water to the ice cubes to give the effect of melting ice, as these aren’t real ice cubes they will take a long time to melt. I now have my shot and every thing is in camera its now time to take into photoshop and retouch the final image.

The final retouch image ready to send over to the client. If you have any questions about this post, or want to talk about my photography service call 01908 631037 0r email You can see more of my portfolio at

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Pack Shot Product Photography Set Up

Been back in the studio this afternoon, so I thought I would share a little before and after of a drill I have photographed for a pack shot image.

This will give you an idea how I put my product shots together. If you look closely at out of camera shot you will see the drill is not new and in fact used, with scuffs all over the end of the chuck. There are three images the set-up, out of camera with no adjustment and the final retouched image.

I used 4 lights for the set-up 2 angled from the side, 1 on the backdrop and a strip box from above to add extra highlights.

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Final Retouched Image


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Your First Impression Counts

  • Q. Have you ever thought or considered how important a professional headshot is in today’s world of business and why you need one?

A. Your profile image on any website or social media site is the first thing people will see. This is how you will be judged; this will be the difference between winning and loosing new business.

  • Q. Why does having a professional headshot make a difference?

A. Social media sites are normally lead with a profile image. If you do not add a profile image people will think your profile is unfinished and not bother looking. If you have a profile image that looks unprofessional you will be thought of that way. If you use a company logo you become faceless and unapproachable. First impressions count and as humans we are designed to connect to each other via expression. So having a professional headshot projecting genuine expression gives a look of confidence and approachability, and the viewer will connect with straight away.  

  • Q. What does this mean for you?

A. On Social media sites such as LinkedIn with a professional headshot, your profile is 11 times more likely to be viewed. So that’s 11 more times likely that someone may click the link to your company’s website. That’s just on your profile. Lets put that statistic another way; you are the CEO of a company that employs 100 staff. They all have a LinkedIn profile with consistent professional headshots.  That’s means potentially that’s 1100 clicks on your company’s website.

  • Q. What can DW Images Photography do for you?

A. DW Images Photography offers professional headshot photography that will open doors for you. Offering a unique style, crisp clean and modern look, that stands out from the crowd. My headshot photography is all about genuine expression and creating the best look for you, making sure your first impression counts.

Why would you use images like these and expect others to take you seriously?

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