Well we are here, I’m David a photography student and business owner here in Milton Keynes. Its that time of the year, time to think about my FMP for my Photography HND. For those who don’t know what that is, It means Final Major Project. I am 18 months into my HND at MK College on the Bletchley campus and I am now beginning to think about my journey into my final project. This will all come together in June with a big end of year show at Centre MK shopping mall.

I’m thinking about putting together a show that will coincide with my professional practise module, which is key to my day 2 day business outside of college. I am a commercial photographer at D.W Images Photography and the core business I am focusing on will be head shot photography, I want to use this opportunity to promote my work and business.

I have some ideas floating around the inner space of my head, and the one that keeps popping back is doing some kind of live installation at the show in June. The opening paragraph of my brief reads as follows –

This unit is intended to bring together your knowledge, skill and understanding of photography gained over the course. This extended unit embraces the whole photographic cycle in order to maximise your opportunities to demonstrate creative, innovate visual thinking within your specialist area of photography.

This will be the ideal opportunity to show my work and promote my professional practise at the same time to an audience over 4 days in excess of 500,000 people. Promotion is key to any business these days, and you can’t be backward at coming forward.  This whole project will be brought together using –

  • Initial Ideas
  • Project Proposal
  • Development and Production
  • Evaluation
  • Presented Outcomes

So keep checking in to see how I am doing….