It’s All about Expression

Found this article online,  its about our personal opinions of ourselves in front of the camera. As I was reading it was ringing so many familiar truths that we come across a photographer, “well thats photographers that soot people”

Photographer takes hideous photos of herself… so every other photo of her will look awesome.

During the last 9 years working as a headshot photographer I estimate that about 95% of the people I’ve taken a headshot of have made some kind of self-deprecating comment during the photo session.

Such as:

“I’ll try not to break your camera.”
“I’ve got a huge nose- just warning you.”
“Try not to get my 18 chins in the photo.”
“Well it’s a good enough photo for what you’ve got to work with.”

I spend about 5% of a headshot session going over clothing options, 5% adjusting lighting, 20% posing and coaching, and 10% actually snapping the shutter button. And then 60% telling people they’re not as ugly as they say they are.

Read More by Michelle Kaffkoat  Organic Head-shots



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