Who Am I ?

DW Images Photography Headshot Studio in Milton Keynes

Who am I? The age-old question, type it into Google and all you get is quizzes. Not much good when you want to know whom you are. If Google can’t answer who can? Well the only real person to answer this question is you. As part of putting this FMP together we have been encouraged to experiment, so we are being given these little mini projects. They will have different themes and we are too intemperate them in anyway we want.

So back to who am I? I decided to tie this in with my headshot photography and produce a portrait. Not just any old portrait but a self-portrait. But this style is far removed from my commercial work; this is a more back to basics and more personal. This is the kind of work I produce in my personal photography. This image is a dark and moody shot, full of emotion. The emotion comes from a day in the studio and dealing with a particularly difficult client at the end of it.

So the question was who am I? So the idea behind this shot was to put that question to the viewer my peers in my class at college, just like a viewer would do if the were looking at my profile online.

Portrait and headshot photography is all about identity, capturing expression and emotion; I thought it would be interesting to let the viewer define who I am. As this was a group session at college it would be interesting to hear what my peers thought. As generally I am happy out going individual, this shot is just a snapshot of a moment when I wasn’t the person they normally see. The feedback I got from my peers was as expected. (I looked tired, unhappy and angry) they read the image perfectly. But they knew this wasn’t my normal appearance, so it didn’t matter for this little experiment.

This to me proves that a headshot is a very important image for social media, as it will be the viewer’s first impression of you online and you will be judged by this, and judged by people that don’t know you. A bad or inappropriate profile image will be the difference in getting that dream job or getting more business. Self-branding today is just as important as any product or business branding, and a big part of self-branding is having a professional looking headshot.

A good headshot photographer will work with his or her clients to produce imagery that portrays confidence with approach-ability, images that will make people notice you amongst the millions of other people online.


Headshot Photography Studio in Milton Keynes


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