Calling All Business Professionals

Calling all business owners and professionals. Have you ever thought about your corporate profile images on your social media platforms, or does the thought of employing a qualified photographer to take company headshots just seem a waste of money.

To put it bluntly its not! Your company’s professional image online is worth its weight in gold. Only having an adequate looking profile image on all social media platforms will be loosing your company business, that’s simple fact. You don’t skimp on promoting your product, making it look the best it can be, so why are you failing when it comes to your online image. Your profile on the Internet is just as important as your front line sales and customer service, you will be judged by how you look online.

At DW Images Photography I emphasize how important it is and I spend my time creating great looking clean and crisp profile headshot for my clients. If a potential client is searching for a product or service they will choose to work with people they connect with visually, headshot’s on your about or meet the team page on your website makes your company look more friendly and approachable.

The same works with social media such as Linkedin, having a professional looking headshot will make potential clients more likely to look at your profile, this will draw them to your company website. This could be the missing business your company needs. With all of your staff having the same consistent style of image it creates a great way to attract people to your business via their profiles. Just think of it this way, you have a staff of 50. That’s potentially another 50 ways to your front door via the internet, this is never a bad thing.

  • To put it in more context here are some statistics just for Linkedin
  • Linkedin has 347 million users worldwide
  • There are 2 new users every 2 seconds
  • Every month there are 187 million unique visitors to Linkedin
    Linkedin geographically reaches over 200 Countries
  • 40% of users check in every day
  • Have a professional looking profile image increases the likely hood of your profile being viewed by 11x
  • There are 25-30 million pages viewed quarterly
  • There are 17 million UK users alone
  • 90% of users make the house hold decision’s
  • 59% of Linkedin users don’t use Twitter
  • 13% of Linkedin Users don’t use Facebook

With these stats Linkedin alone will send nearly 4 times more people to your home page. Now those new professional staff headshot’s are worth every penny.

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Headshot Lighting Set-up For Small Spaces

As a photographer I am constantly playing with light trying to get the best out of it. As my work is headshot photography its crucial that my work looks consistent on my website, so my clients know what they will be getting when the step into my studio space.

My studio space is not the biggest in the world but nor is the space I get to set up in at my clients, so I have been developing a lighting set up that works for me. That’s the important bit “That works for me” this is because I need a go to set up to give the best to my clients when I’m in a tight spot. I shoot my headshot’s with strobe and this can be a disadvantage in small areas, even if they are turned to the lowest power setting the light can and will spill into areas of the shot that you don’t want it to. You can use flags and screens to modify the light, but I want to be able to go to clients with minimal amount of kit to get the job done and done well.

I have now developed a 3 light set-up, which works. Sometimes when shooting male subjects I introduce a 4th light called a kicker. The kicker is there to highlight jaw line and add and extra dimension to the shot, it’s a little more masculine.

My original set up was a four light set-up, the traditional high key lighting set up. Two background lights and two front lights, with a reflector used as a fill light Fig 1. In a small space this set-up will cause you problems if like me you want a 100% white background. For this your subject needs to as far from the background as possible or those background lights will spill over you subject and bleed them into the background. I want to get my backgrounds correct in camera I don’t want to waste time in post correcting the background, so I had to come up with other ideas.

Headshot Photography Studio in Milton Keynes - DW Images Photography Fig 1

I tried different ways of flagging the light in my studio to get this set-up to work, but this need to be a lightweight portable set up. When I’m shooting at my clients I don’t want to be transporting extra stands and sheets of polystyrene to modify the light. I tried other set-ups using one light on the background Fig 2, this worked a little better. But with a reflector dish to modify the light I was getting a hot spot in the middle and fall off on the outside of the image. This meant I still had to waste time in post. I could add more power but again in a small space even the single light will bounce its light around and spill and wrap around the subject.

Headshot Photography Studio in Milton Keynes - DW Images Photography Fig 2

As this set-up was sort of working I needed to make some fine adjustments. I needed to create an evenly lit background so I tried different ways and found that a strip box on a floor stand gave me the best results. I tried different modifications of the soft box including an egg create modifier. But over all the best results I was getting using the strip box with front removed. Fig 3

Headshot Photography Studio in Milton Keynes - DW Images Photography Fig 3

The images below are from my studio set-up.

Photography in Milton Keynes DW Images Photography Studio, Headshot, Product and Lifestyle Photographer Photography in Milton Keynes DW Images Photography Studio, Headshot, Product and Lifestyle Photographer

As you can see from the out of camera shot below there is a nice even white background giving the subject the correct amount of separation from the background.

Corporate and acting headshot studio in Milton Keynes - DW Images PhotographyCorporate and acting headshot studio in Milton Keynes - DW Images Photography

I’m not saying this is the only way to do this, this is my way and it’s the way that works for me. I just hope that if you are having the same problems I might have helped you on your way to getting the results your looking for. You can see more of my work at

Corporate and Acting headshot studio in Milton Keynes – DW Images Photography