It’s Comming To The End

As many of you know I am an HND Photography student at MK College. It’s sad to think that it’s all about to end in a couple of weeks, this 2 years has been the best ever, it’s been a sublime experience (That’s for you Matt). I have been a hobby photographer for over 20 years, and 5yrs ago started DW Images Photography part time, it’s now my full time job and I couldn’t be happier. I know many pro photographers out there are self taught and have made great livings for themselves. But doing the HND was a personal thing to me because it covered a lot more than just photography. 
This past 2 years I have made so many new friends and I will miss everyone so much when we finish. It was very strange at first being in my mid forties and going back to school, I hadn’t been in the education system since 1987. I was made very welcome by everyone and soon I felt 18 again. I would recommend it to everyone who’s thinking about applying to go to college this September what ever your age, it’s the best thing I have ever done.
It’s given me great opportunities including teaching workshops and speaking to groups of other students. I have worked with some great people, and my confidence has gone through the roof.
Not only has my photography gone from strength to strength, my contextual skills have improved so much. Two years ago I couldn’t write a shopping list! I would like to thank everyone at Milton Keynes College for the best 2yrs ever, and look forward to keeping close connections with everyone. I hope to still go back and continue to teach workshops and help the other students.
If you are thinking about applying to go to college and your not sure. Come down to Middleton Hall, Centre MK 10th – 14th June and speak to the students and find out more. 
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I have been asked this week to come in to Milton Keynes College to shoot headshot’s of the students in their theatrical make-up classes. The students are at the end of the year and need images for portfolios and assessments.

Its not the usual type of headshot I shoot but what MK College liked about my style, is the clean crisp look I shoot. This is why they approached DW Images Photography to photograph the students. Its been a great two days and I have had fantastic fee back from the staff and students, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

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Headshot photography studio Milton Keynes and London, Actors-Corporate-Social MediaHeadshot photography studio Milton Keynes and London, Actors-Corporate-Social Media